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Virtual Career Training and Employment Program

The Virtual Career Training and Employment Initiative® is a virtual workforce opportunity created in response to need for members of society to acquire sustainable careers; as well as the demand for talent in the rapidly growing “Homeshore” (virtual) customer service contact center industry.

The Need

Unemployment rates holding at 7.7 percent, the lowest in 4 years, finding a job continues to be a challenge for millions of Americans.  This is particularly challenging for youth, disabled, and recovery persons for a smooth transition into the workforce. There are many programs and initiatives that exist to assist individuals in their transition from school and recovery to careers. However, few programs provide adequate training and jobs within relevant, high demand careers.

The Demand

While there are unique challenges in the job market for the youth, disabled and recovery community, there are also unique career opportunities for  within the growing customer service contact center industry.   Recognized as one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, the customer service contact center makes up 3% of the entire workforce in the United States.  As major corporations continue to outsource their customer service operations to Business Process Outsource Companies, (BPO’s), more than three hundred thousand new call center jobs are projected to be created by 2020. The industry is expected to experience a 5.1% increase in 2013.  

The Outsource Customer Service Industry

Over the past 20 years, outsourcing customer contact centers has become as American as baseball and apple pie. Essentially, major companies seeking to cut the costs of operations have outsourced their customer service operations to companies offering business process outsource services. These companies are called BPO’s.

Once the BPO takes the corporation on as a client, the BPO is responsible for carrying out those customer call center duties which includes staffing, training and managing operations.  The BPO achieves this by either hiring personnel to carry out specific duties within the call center. Or, they subcontract these operations to a third party company who hires Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) to service customers using the corporate client’s CRM systems, policies and performance measurements.  (See chart below.)

The Opportunity

Arise Virtual Solutions is a BPO and leader in “Homeshore” opportunities. Arise subcontracts their CSR operations to Independent Business Owners (IBO’s), who hire and manage a customer service talent force. With more than 150 corporate clients including Apple, AT&T, Staples, Barnes and Noble, Disney and more, Arise has filled more than 40,000 virtual CSR positions through their relationships with IBO’s who hire their certified Customer Service Professionals (CSP’s). 

To learn more about how you can began an exciting career as a virtual customer service representative. contact Laying the Foundation at             313-372-7444 or 1-888-220-0913  email kjblakley@laythefoundation,org to attend next orientation session.

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