Laying The Foundation

Laying the Foundation

"He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock.  And when the flood arose, and the stream beat vehemently against the house, and could not shake it for it was founded on a rock".  NKJV Luke 6: 48

About Us

Katherine Blakley is the owner and founder of Laying the Foundation. Katherine has over 20 years experience in non profit management, training, business development, grant writing and prevention education. She has successfully written, developed and implemented non profit substance abuse and after school prevention education programs.

Founded in 2006, Laying the Foundation was established to assist business owners develop and improve upon their vision. Laying the Foundation expanded its vision to include training
due to the increased need for alternative means to earn required continuing education hours.

Katherine Blakley education and experience in addiction treatment, prevention and business development identify her organization as an excellent resource for entrepreneurs, professionals, schools, community and faith based organizations.

Katherine Blakley has received a BS and MA from Central Michigan University , an MBA from Walden University. She is certified addiction counselor, certified prevention specialist and certified clinical supervisor, member of American Psychological Association and a licensed minister through the Sure Foundation.

Katherine began her doctoral degree pursuit at Walden University in clinical psychology. However, her passion for instruction lead her to change her focus to educational leadership. She is currently a doctoral learner at the University of Phoenix. Her research interests include opioid addiction, prevention education, ethics, generational culture and computer literacy.

Katherine’s passion for education, training and promoting social change impels Laying the Foundation to become a leader in the business development and training industry.

Contact Us
If you have questions regarding services offered by
Laying the Foundation contact:
Katherine Blakley

Laying the Foundation Training Institute (Administrative Office)
3837 West Seven Mile
Detroit, Michigan 4822

New Light Recovery 
300 West Six Mile
Detroit, MI 48203

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